The Required Tasks

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The Required Tasks

Post by Lord Alamir on Fri Jun 05, 2015 7:25 pm

The Tasks: To be a fully ranked member, a recruit needs to complete five tasks.

1: Scout around the territory to find a hidden object without using the corner map or name tags. (IC)  
2: Bring down a reasonable sized doe by themselves and bring it back to the pack. (Reasonable size is based off the size of the recruit.)
3: Deliver a message to a full-ranked member somewhere else on the map.
4: Protect another pack-mate from an assailant.
5: Compete in The Games or spar a Sub-high or high-ranked member if there are not enough members online for a Game.

Each of these tasks are designed to find out what rank suits the recruit most. Scouting, hunting, deliverer, guard, fighter.
If you wish to be a healer, a separate task will be laid out for you. Speak with Lord Alamir or the commanding healer.
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