Rules of the Games

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Rules of the Games

Post by Lord Alamir on Fri Jun 05, 2015 7:19 pm

Here are the rules for the Games:

When recruits first join the pack, they must wear the tag "Cc" until they are given their naming ceremony. In order to take part in this, the member must prove their worth by completing a series of tasks given by one of the Royal or High-tier ranks. The tasks are given out based on their age, gender, size, and mass, since some wolves are smaller than others. Pups must wait until they are a young adult to take part in these "Games."

The Games: The Games are basically like a tournament. All members are allowed to take part. The Games will be held every other Mondays once at least six members are on. The rules are simple: Two un-ranked members will fight each other until the other submits. There is to be no killing, breaking bones, fatal injuries, or handi-capping/blinding. Ripping off limbs is a no. A healer will be standing by should a mistake occur.

The Victor: The Victor is granted a slightly higher rank than the loser, for in order to be a victor, you have shown you are a worthy opponent and a right to be in this pack. (Both fighters get their ranks.)
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