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Our Guidelines

Post by Lord Alamir on Fri Jun 05, 2015 4:37 pm

IC (In Character)

• All ranks are to submit to the Black Crows. They are the pack's main authority and their word is law. Any disrespecting or daring to challenge a high-tier will result in your quick death given by the Alphas in a execution. All are to follow orders given without question, the pack should act accordingly.

• Any plan to dethrone any high member of their rank, by murder or shame without the leader's permission of doing so, the accused will be punished in a swift death given by the Black Claws.

• Having a mate in enemy packs is forbidden. Both of the accused will be prosecuted with major consequences. Punishments are drawn by the Red Talons.

• Those who spy on other packs without permission by the High-Tiers will be punished accordingly.

• Keep RP in local and OOC in group or party chat.

• Allies are to be treated with somewhat respect, but not as royalty.

• God-modding and power playing is strictly unacceptable. A warning before a ban is given.

• We are a literate role play. Capitals, punctuation and quotation marks is required. It's fine if you're not the best speller, but please fully type the words you are using. *Literate is described as being able to have correct punctuation and the like. It is NOT described as being able to use full-blown "wolf-speak" throughout your post. While "wolf-speak" is allowed and encouraged, it is not required.

• Trolls are to be blocked immediately without question.

OOC (Out of Character)

• All wolves must have a realistic pelt color. We are easy going with the markings, but please keep in mind for no full blown neon or wings.

• Trouble makers, drama queens and attention seekers will be removed from the pack if the behaviour is non-stop. Please keep your personal issues out of IC, OOC, and RP.

You may not have a wolf in Crested Crow and in rival packs. It will come to choosing sides and we do not want to risk that.

• Have a good level of maturity, please.

• Trolling behavior is not wanted.

• Harassing a member for rank issues, including heated arguments is strictly not allowed. This will result in warning or kick from the group.
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